"The way he talks is like Oxford... It's Kal Campus ...he teachers crummy classes. I think he has a real authority thing."

Full, and fully redacted, minutes of my 2016 investigation into bullying & harrassment, by Okanagan College

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In 2016, I opened up my e-mail to find out three fellow professors—one married to my boss, the chair of my department—had each filed an official bullyingg &harrassment complaint in response to an e-mail thread in which I had shamed them, and all my colleagues, for taking work from vulnerable term employees who receive no salary for the summer. I was accused of poisoning the department, of being a bully, of being a bad person.

These are the e-mails that ended my career: “We are professors in a discipline that includes both critical social theory and professional writing, and so when the professor who holds the departmental chairship—a title meant to bestow a nominal amount of power—circulates an e-mail that, in using the words "conscience," invokes ethics and morality, in an attempt to shame his colleagues to vote according to his wishes…”


“So to return to your point: first of all, it is never too late to do the right thing. We teach in Communications, a discipline in Canada that is entirely and solidly based on a Marxist critique of power. l SHOULD have said this in previous years: I didn't because I allowed myself to be afraid, because the Chair was threatening me. When term employees see the Chair threatening even longstanding and continuing members, what do you think the effect on free and public discourse is? So, this is what I am saying now, ok? 

I do not care if CAN claim the summer work: no one who believes any of the Foucault they read in grad school, who is already receiving a full salary, should EVER take $10,000 out of the mouths of unprotected term employees just because the contract says they can. There are legal rights. And there are moral rights: we are having this discussion because raised the issue of "conscience" and no one, except me, objected to the introductin of this new evaluative system then. 

, if you don't know this then you should think back to grad school and ask yourself why you became a professor in the first place. And, to be clear, I am not "casually impugning" anything. I am stating directly that on moral grounds I find that when a colleague in my department, who is the partner in a two-income professorial household, takes away work from professors who have travelled across the country to work in our department, and who will be back again in the Fall, and who do not have any income over the summer, something morally repugnant has been done. If anyone objects to what I am saying then, by all means, instead of shouting me down from the sidelines, calling me names, appealing to power without evidence, or threatening me, make the complaint official. File a grievance against me through the proper channels so that I can respond accordingly.” 

In truth, the investigation doesn’t refence these e-mails at all. Instead, the investigation turned out to be a institutionally sanctioned, secret court in which all members of my department—continuing and non-continuing—were allowed to say anything about me that they felt like knowing I could never see it and never respond.

The title of this post is a quote from a professor at Okanangan College. If you scroll through, you’ll find it towards the back of the redacted investigation transcript. It makes fun of me—as an official complaint—for having developed the habit of writing in a professional, academic way. It also makes fun of me for teaching at a smaller campus (Vernon—Kalamalka). I think all parents of all students who are attending, and who have attended, Okanagan College should reflect on the sheer disdain this quote expresses—for everyone stupid enough to teach at, or attend, Okanagan College, Vernon campus. Was it a dean who said this? Someone who markets Kal campus officially? But who disdains it openly when students and their parents are not around? These are not questions I am allowed to ask, and you are not allowed to know the answer to ever.

Up next:

1) a defense of me (written by someone else!) that was written at the time, but never made it to the final report;

2) an explanation of why I think what happened to me is indicative of serious malaise, present throughout the Canadian post-secondary sector. And beyond.

3) an examanation of how a post-secondary complaint from a professor that began by invoking a consensual, sexual relationship between adults, was allowed to stand without discipline, sanction or comment: and why what happened to me was, in retrospect, clear foreshadowing of a new way to destroy career by reputation.

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This is the actual transcript excerpt…

“s.22 19 

The way he talks is like Oxford... It's Kal Campus ...he teachers crummy classes. I think he has a real authority thing. He says the mediator asked him what is the role of the chair and Colin's response in mediation is that the chair's job is to make everyone happy.”?