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Colin, what a wonderful recollection. David Pike was an amazing teacher, one of the very best i have ever had the pleasure of learning from. I still have the copies of his extensive notes and pieces of inspiration. A remarkable man! But meeting you and becoming friends at SAIT was one the highlights of those two years. And you were there to watch me get stupid drunk at my 30th birthday party. I think you were the one to introduce me to Kids in the Hall! “That’s fucking good ham, dad” https://youtu.be/w3OopIJW12g

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I laughed out loud when I read this despite the transition from sweaty balls. I hadn’t thought about that memory for a while but it’s now locked in again. I tried re-enacting the scene to my daughter when she heard me giggling. She did not seem to find it as funny as me. There are so many other memories that I regularly think of. It’s improbable it all began from my sister telling me(and me listening) to go say hi to you that fateful Sunday evening service at Foothills. You were a seminal influence on me with music, writing, and things alternative. I feel you are still one of my best friends and I think about you a ton. I would love to be able to chat and see you again.

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For the record, David Moore is 100% correct. Ketchup is disgusting on a ham sandwich. The only acceptable condiment is mustard...and perhaps mayo.

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