There’s Gonna Be a Showdown
Saving Souls from Satan in Sanhattan
Judas Priest, Jaundiced Eyes and My Sacrifice for Jesus
With Apologies to The Queen Victoria
Why I Write
Why a diploma in the Culinary Arts in Canada is an excellent idea & why a two-year Arts diploma is the worst possible investment you could ever make
It is a most curious phenomenon that paying experts disproportionately large sums of money to fix people continuously reveals new ways in which people …
On the inadvisability of public confession as spectacle
Readers of the old portesaintmonty blog may remember that my first post-secondary credential was from SAIT, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technolog…
Would YOU want to work there?
Full, and fully redacted, minutes of my 2016 investigation into bullying & harrassment, by Okanagan College
sin and micro-agression, bullying & harrassment